Moving from my apartment

I will moving apartment on 1 march 2019. I already register for a new place. I wondering I have to termination service for the old place? And What is last day I can use electricity for old apartment? Ex. I register to move on 1 march 2019. so I cann't use electricity for the old apartment or I can still use it later on a bit. I asking because I have go back to get clean an apartment.

Best regards
Surayut Kaewsonthi


  • Hi Surayut,

    Your move-out date should be the actual day you're moving out, when your done cleaning the apartement. The power could be on some days after your move-out date, but we could also disconnect your meter before you're done cleaning if you're unlucky. Therefore we allways recommend that your move-out date match the date you're actually leaving the apartment.

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